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Decorating Consultations Decorating Consultations
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Decorating Consultations

Is the lazy boy chair giving you headaches?

Tired of the white walls?

Get the answers and solutions to the biggest problem areas in your home with our customized, in-home decorating consultations.

This service is a little like "going back to school", without the headaches or grades. I give you homework, we review your answers and together we discover a SMART new look for your home! This is a great opportunity for you to evaluate the problem areas in your home ,why they aren't working and how to correct them.

Discover Your Own Style Identity!

So what is your style? I love this question! Whose style? Yours? Mine? Coco Chanel's? There's no doubt that when it comes to decorating, styles abound. I dug out my old Decorating 101 textbook and found this definition of style: "Style refers to the distinctive manner of design, construction, and execution that expresses a cultural period, a particular location, or a point of view." Whew!

Webster has another definition, "distinction, originality, and character in any form of artistic or literary expression." I don't exactly know who Webster is, but I like his thinking!

Style is simply an expression of us and our individual character. Style is about instinct! Identifying your own sense of style has to do with truly recognizing what you like when you see it. Identifying your style identity is a central component of redesigning your home.

SMART Decorating Consulting Is For You If You…

Are facing multiple decorating challenges and need a creative solution

• Want to discover your style identity

• Are not sure what colors and accessories work best in your home

• Want creative solutions without high-pressure sales tactics to purchase new items

• Seek balance, harmony and a stress-free environment

• Want to live in a better, functioning home

If you can relate to one or more of the above you may be in need of a Redesign. Whatever YOUR decorating challenges are, we will solve them together; and you can "go to school" on that!

Your input + my ideas = a SMART new look!

To schedule a decorating consultation or simply to determine if this is the right solution for you contact me today at:

805-241-7997 or Email


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